About Us


Company Overview

Al-Zamin Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited is the company of Al-Zamin Group. It was incorporated in in Pakistan on 2004 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It is one of the most modern spinning mills, manufacturing of PP yarn integrated textile companies in Pakistan.

Al-Zamin Group has two spinning units of spindles and Power Generation facilities with capacity of . Product range of PP yarn 8/s to 80/s.

Al-Zamin Group is principally engages in manufacturing and sales of yarn. We translate conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical bent and professional acumen. The team of Al-Zamin Goup strongly believes that Customer satisfaction is the essence of business today.

Al-Zamin Group has latest technology with expertise, products with knowledge and most importantly the right mindset to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

Al-Zamin Textile Mills Pvt Limited is a yarn manufacturing company dedicated to provide bremium quality yarn products to the customers who value quality the most. We also maintain fair, friendly, and creative work environment, which inculcates diversity, new ideas and diligence.


A Selection Of Industries We Serve

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